Monday, June 26, 2017

Etcetera: More Than Talking Points

I am excited to be starting a podcast called "Etcetera: More Than Talking Points" with Beth Milligan, a journalist and long time friend. Our goal is to take the time to delve deeply into issues that effect our lives: religion, politics, ethics, entertainment, philosophy, theology, and a lot of current event issues (immigration, sanctuary cities, abortion, health care, religious freedom, free speech, science and tech, marriage and the family...the list could go on and on!) You can access what we currently have available at the following places:

We are working on several other social media platforms as well as putting more streaming opportunities in place. I will update this post as our platform broadens.

If you listen, please feel free to leave comments, suggestion, questions, etc. We want this to be interactive. Hopefully, we can offer a groundwork of truth that can promote a healthy, respectful and vigorous discussion of the issues in life that matter most.

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