Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Church In The Time Of The Virus Episode #16: Missionary Thoughts On Responding To COVID-19

When churches suspended their weekly brick and mortar meetings, I decided to take some time to address online what it looks like for the church to be the church in times like this. Thus, The Church In The Time Of The Virus. You are welcome to offer helpful comments in the comment section and be a part of this conversation/archival record (as local and modest as it is).

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EPISODE 16: Missionary Thoughts On Responding To COVID-19



I don't have a transcript for this one.

Sal and Heather Sanchez, who are currently waiting in the southern US before heading oversees once their sabbatical is over and the travel restrictions around the virus, offer the commentary on this episode. 

A couple weeks ago, asked them how they were responding to all the coronavirus stuff, and by "all the coronavirus stuff" I meant dealing with the restrictions, thinking through it as Christians, etc. I so appreciated their response I asked them if I could post it as part of this series. It's edited down from 30 minutes to about 10, but those ten minutes capture their hearts and the heart of their message. 

If you are interested in more details and updates from the Sanchez family and their ministry check out Heather’s blog at lovestrainingground.com, or follows Sal’s Facebook page A father's missionary journal.


I think I'm going to take seriously the perspective of those who have worked with Ebola patients :)

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